JNTUH MCA Course R15 Project – V.V Exam Notification August 2018

 JNTUH / EB / ES1 / MCA Course / R15 Project – V.V Exam (Viva-Voce Exam)/August 2018


Below We Have Provided The Complete Info Regarding J JNTUH / EB / ES1 / MCA Course / R15 Project – V.V Exam /August 2018 Provided By The JNTUH Hyderabad University.



 JNTUH / EB / ES1 / MCA Course / R15 Project – V.V Exam /August 2018

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Subject :  JNTUH / EB / ES1 / MCA Course / R15 Project – V.V Exam /August 2018


 In connection with the conduct of Project Viva-Voce Examinations in the academic year– (201718) for R15 regulations, MCA R15 Regular students, the Principals of all affiliated colleges offering these course are informed that the payment of Project viva-voce exam fee is to be done in RTGS / IFSC mode only. The external examiners details are to be uploaded to the MCA Regular project panels registration server by using URL: “registrations1.jntuh.ac.in/r15projectthesisjuly2018”. The project viva-voce exams should be conducted as per instructions mentioned below:   
  1.   The student is permitted to submit Project, only after successful completion of all theory and practical courses. 
2.     The viva – voce examinations is conducted only for those students, the dissertations of whom the anti-plagiarism check was completed by the university. 
3.    The  college  should  upload  the  lists of  panels, consisting of three External Examiners  (with  Designation, Department, Working  address, Email id  and contact details)  for  a group of maximum 4 or 5 Students. The project panels uploading service will be available from 23-08-2018 and the last date for uploading the panels is on or before 28-08-2018, 05.00 PM. 
 4.     As per the ref cited above an amount of Rs. 200/-fee for anti-plagiarism check shall be collected from each student. 
5.    The Fee for Project Viva-Voce Exam to be collected for MCA course is Rs. 3400/- per student (3000+200 anti-plagiarism check + 200 P.C fee). If already paid the P.C fee along with final semester exam fee, need not pay P.C fee now. Out of which an amount of Rs.2500 per student is to be retained by the college the remaining amount of Rs.900/- should be paid to the University in the form of RTGS transfer and this RTGS receipt along with printout of uploaded panels should be submitted to under signed on or before 29-08-2018 

   6.       On the day of viva-voce examination, the college will arrange one computer with internet facility for each external examiner. The examiner will download the soft copy of dissertation and verify it with    the hard copy project dissertation submitted by the student at the time of viva exam. 
  7.     The output files of the rejected project reports after the anti-plagiarism check (due to the matched  content exceeding the threshold) can be downloaded from the   “registrations1.jntuh.ac.in/r15projectthesisjuly2018 “service 
  8.   The Project Evaluation Reports has to be uploaded to the server by using  URL: “registrations1.jntuh.ac.in/r15projectthesisjuly2018 “ on the same day of examination and the signed copy of evaluation report along with the photocopy of the University Proceedings (appointing the external examiners) should be sent to under signed  after completion of Viva-Voce examination .

  9.    No penalty may be levied to the student if the student submits project within one calendar year    after completion of penultimate semester (6 months from the last semester). If the student is unable to  submit the project within one calendar year, a penalty of Rs.5000/- will be levied for the first year of late submission,Rs.12000/- will be levied  during second  year of   submission and  Rs.18000/- will be levied during third year  of submission, to the  University.  



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