What Is Coronavirus? | And It's Precautions

Awareness Regarding Coronavirus And It's Precautions

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statistics & Updates (Live)

Our Team Had Made A Small PDF Regarding Covid-19 Viruses.So, please Everyone Download And Stay Updated Regarding Virus And How It Spread And It's precautions

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World Health Organisation (WHO) Declared The Novel Coronavirus Outbreak A Public Health Emergency Of International Concern.
“The Ministry Is In Close Touch With WHO And We Have Been Informed That The Announcement Has Come Not Just Because Of What Is Happening In China, But Because Of What Is Happening In Other Countries. The Virus Is Now In 21 Countries Including India,” Said A Senior Health Ministry Official.
The WHO Declaration — Officially Called A Public Health Emergency Of International Concern — Serves Notice To All United Nations Member States That The World’s Top Health Advisory Body Rates The Situation As Serious.


What Is Coronavirus?

  • Hello, Everyone In This Post We Given A Small Information And Awareness Regarding Coronavirus Which Is Big Disease That Slowly Killing The World.coronaviruses Are A Group Of Viruses That Cause Diseases In Mammals And Birds. In Humans, The Viruses Cause Respiratory Infections Which Are Typically Mild Including The Common Cold But Rarer Forms Like Sars And Mers Can Be Lethal. In Cows And Pigs They May Cause Diarrhea, While In Chickens They Can Cause An Upper Respiratory Disease. There Are No Vaccines Or Antiviral Drugs That Are Approved For Prevention Or Treatment.
  • Coronaviruses Were First Identified In The 1960s, But We Don't Know Where They Come From. They Get Their Name From Their Crown-like Shape. Sometimes, But Not Often, A Coronavirus Can Infect Both Animals And Humans.
  • Most Coronaviruses Spread The Same Way Other Cold-causing Viruses Do: Through Infected People Coughing And Sneezing, By Touching An Infected Person's Hands Or Face, Or By Touching Things Such As Door knobs That Infected People Have Touched.
  • Presently, The Coronavirus Was Killing The China Huge. In China Around 9000 People Affected With Coronavirus Among Them 232 People Died. And China Also Constructing Coronavirus Treatment Hospital Seperately For Treating People Who Were Affected With Coronavirus. And They Were Struggling Hard To Find For Vanccines For That Disease.
  • According To India, One Positive Case Was Noticed Regarding Coronavirus. In Kerala, One Positive Case Was Recognised Regarding Coronavirus. Our Indian Governement Also Taking Measures To Avoid Coronavirus Affecting Our Country. By Keeping Coronavirus Treatment Hospital In Every City Of India. And Also Verifying The People Coming From Other Countries.
  • According To Information From Various Website's Presently Coronavirus Was Spreading From Snakes,Bat's.


Symptoms Of Disease:

  • Runny Nose
  • Headache
  • Cough
  • Sore Throat
  • Fever
  • Feeling Of Being Unwell
  • If Any Symptoms Repeated Please Contact Doctors Immediately.


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How Virus Will Spread :

  • The Air By Coughing And Sneezing
  • Close Person Contact,Such As Touching or Shaking Hands.
  • Touching An Object or Surface With Virus On It,Then Touching your Mouth,Nose,or Eyes Before Washing Your Hands.

Preventions For Disease:

  • There Is No Vaccines Avaliable For Protection Against Human Coronavirus Disease. Simple We Have To Follow Some Precautions Inorder Disease Not To Get Infected.
  • Washing Your Hands Often With Soap And Water.
  • Avoiding Touching Eyes,Nose,Mouth With Unwashed Hands.
  • Avoiding Close Contact With People Who Are Sick.


So Everyone Stay Safe Regarding Coronavirus And Also Please Keep Your Families And Friends Stay Safe By Making Them Awareness About Coronavirus.  



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