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What is Bird flu and it's symptoms check here

Bird Flu : what is bird flu? bird flu is one of the disease or viral infection also known as avian influenza and H5N1.  According to information available from WHO it was first identified on 1997. it was a virus that will not spread from humam-to-human according to present information. it was a disease it will spread between wild Aquatic birds. when an H5N1 infected bird gets in contact with healthy bird the healthy bird will be Effected with that disease. As of now there was no evidence that it will spread to human to human. only it will effect the human if human eat's bird flu infected animal without proper cooking it. it not only effect wild birds but also Poultry animals and other animals too. as per information this infection or virus is sensitive to heat if human eat bird flu infected animal without proper cooking it will spread to food consumed person.

And there may be a chance to that virus will spread to poultry working human. if any of animal in poultry was  effected with bird flu due to that animal it will effect other animals and humans too. so, it was suggested  for humans working in poultry try to use PPE and follow protocols, maintain hygiene environment near poultry. As of now in india no cases of bird flu for human recorded. but even through everyone need's to be very careful and follow protocols, maintain hand hygiene etc. even it will not spread human to human everyone need's to be careful with this virus.


Symptoms of Bird Flu:

The early symptoms of bird flu were listed below:

  • cough
  • diarrhea
  • respiratory difficulties
  • fever (over 100.4°F or 38°C)
  • headache
  • muscle aches
  • malaise
  • runny nose
  • sore throat

Is Tests Available For Detecting The Disease?

  • Yes, they were tests avaliable for detecting the Bird Flu like RT-PCR and many other's available for detecting the Bird Flu virus. If you got symptoms of Bird Flu you can visit your near hosiptal and get test.

How Bird Flu Will Spread to Human's?

  • Mainly, Human's who works in poultry should be very careful while dealing with animals in poultry. there may be a chance to effect poultry farmer.

  • And there may be chance it effects humans if visited the place where bird flu cases were high without precautions. 

  • If human eat's Bird flu effected animal without proper cooking of food and egg's got from that animals.

  • It will also effect the persons who were taking care of infected animals. 

Is any treatment available for Bird Flu?

  • Yes, there was treatment available for bird flu. if any human being got affect with bird flu they should have to immediately contact their doctor's or near hosiptals available at early symptoms itself. By visiting hosiptal at early symptoms will helps to control the disease spread in body and from human to human(According to WHO till now it was not proved it will spread human to human).


How to Prevent human or animals effected from Bird Flu?

  • It can be prevented by avoid open air markets and eating high boiled and proper cooked food and following protocols, always staying in hygiene environment. And also providing animals with good food and healthy food. and also keeping hygiene environment we can avoid Bird Flu.


So, that's it everyone prevention and control of Bird Flu were in our hands so, everyone stay safe and provide good and healthy environment to everyone. for more updates stay tuned to our website INJNTU.COM



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