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Covid-19 2nd Wave New Symptoms & Precautions


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Short Awareness Regarding Covid-19:

  • Covid-19 an one of the most popular & dangerous virus effecting the present world from past 1 year. Every country in the world have got effect with covid-19 & also faced many economical loss because of it. Then how to control this disease? It's depends on the people of country. Not only by social distancing eveyone should keep their surroundings & environment clean and have to instruct others to keep their enivronment clean. But these steps will not control but it will decrease the creation & spread of other kind of diseases. As we talk regarding this virus covid-19 mainly educational institutions were badly effected due to this covid-19 compairing the last year & this year covid-19 have shown an vast disadvantages towards education field & not only that it's also shown many disadvantages towards many industries sectors. That's the reasons there was hike in prices of food items, gold, fashion items and many other products more. If this situation got repeated continously it will not only effect our health but also an our income & country economy with rise in prices for products and also will lead to many Unemployments. If you don't believe? why countries were under lockdown? Due to massive increase of cases. If cases were less then why is lockdown?.
  • As everyone have experienced last year's lockdown how it created massive damage to our country economy & also created an huge unemployment issues. If cases were less why these lockdowns? correct?.  You might think if you get covid 1person with covid-19 what country will lose. But following you others will also come under your way one's becomes hundred'shundred's will become thousand's that will compulsarily will effect our country. Still you won't believe? Check your state covid-19 media bulletins from past 3months to till now you will find the answers. So, finally we want's you to say stay safe and break the spread chain of 2nd wave covid-19. First wave we recieve from international countries & second wave got mutation from our citizens itself. So, everyone besafe & educate everyone regarding second wave covid-19 symptoms. And don't forget to sanitize your hands with soap & ani-bacterial liquids.
  • One more important information many of people we feeling an discomfort of wearing the mask right?. You might think that if you got covid-19 +Ve will not effect you. But you should keep one thing in mind that you will not stay alone right?. You will survive many places & spends the time with your family & colleagues amoung any of them will be attacked by you and sometimes he/she may face health issues with covid-19 because of you. Not every body will control covid-19 it depends on their body resistance and if you have resistance, then you 100% will say other's will also have same resistance like your body towards covid-19? Then why people admitting to hospitals for treatment they can also take medicines like you. Then if you doesn't want's others got effected then take the precautions like wearing the mask & sanitizing your hands while meeting the others & surviving outside. 
  • An important thing you should have to note you may feel this all like nosense but please refer many local news channels you may find everyday many hundred's & thousands were got fined for not wearing the mask and some people may fell emotion against police for fining them. One thing i like to remind everyone wearing an mask for your safety against covid-19 it will not benefit others but it will benefit you only providing you the protection against covid-19. One thing every please respect the police who were struggling their life for us during this pandemic situations. They were fining money for our safety not for fun & money. If you wear mask and follow the protocols against covid-19 then why will they fined you?. Mask for our safety It will not benefit other's.


  • Cough, fever, breathlessness, or loss of sense of taste or smell were the old symptoms of covid-19.
  • Presently due to new mutations people were facing new symptoms like pain in muscles, dry & persistent cough,sore throat, headache, rashes, upset stomach, discolouration of fingers and toes,skin infection, distorted vision, vomiting and more.

Recommended Test:

  • RT-PCR Test


  • Wearing got & quality mask washing everyday with anti-bacterial liquids
  • Wearing gloves for hands & sanitizing your hands with anti-bacterial liquids
  • Going outside only for important works
  • Maintains social distance with others during public places
  • Many studies were saying it will also spread through Air. So, everyone wear the mask mainly that will cover your nose, mouth.


Covid-19 Pledge:

  • I like to say an few words regarding pledge. During your school & college days in morning prayers you may pledge that we will protect our country and everyone from danger's & so on. Till now we have done only imaginary part. But it was the time for everyone to show thier love towards your country by staying safe towards covid-19. It was in your hands to safeguard your country & others. Below, we have provided an service that you can pledge towards covid-19 prevention. This plegde & certificate was just to inspire you & other's for prevention & control the spread of covid-19 inorder to break the chain of covid-19 spread. And more thing more of us were planning to take precaution against covid-19 but fails to take precautions sometimes. Some may pledge their family members don't worry we will be safe with an oath & pledges and so on. To motivate you we have introduced this type of service which will inspire get awareness towards covid-19.
  • Stop The Spread Of Covid-19. Pledge Here