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Happy Diwali  - Quotes, Wishes, SMS & Status For WhatsApp.

Wishing All Happy Diwali 2021 With heart Injntu Team





  • Diwali, Or Dipawali, Is India's Biggest And Most Important Holiday Of The Year. The Festival Gets Its Name From The Row(avali) Of Clay Lamps (Deepa) That Indians Light Outside Their Homes To Symbolize The Inner Light That Protects From Spiritual Darkness. This Festival Is As Important To Hindus As The Christmas Holiday Is To Christians.


Happy Diwali- Quotes, Wishes, SMS & Status For WhatsApp.

  • Marked With Firework Displays And Family Feasts, Diwali, Is A Five-day Festival Celebrated By Millions Of People Across The World Every Autumn. The Festival Is Observed By Hindus, Sikhs And Jains, With Its Main Theme The Triumph Of Light Over Darkness And Good Over Evil.




About Diwali:

Why do we celebrate Diwali festival?

  • Diwali Is Called The Festival Of Lights And Is Celebrated To Honor Rama-chandra, The Seventh Avatar (Incarnation Of The God Vishnu). It Is Believed That On This Day Rama Returned To His People After 14 Years Of Exile During Which He Fought And Won A Battle Against The Demons And The Demon King, Ravana.
  • Religious Significance. Diwali Is Celebrated By Hindus, Jains, Sikhs And Newar Buddhists, Although For Each Faith It Marks Different Historical Events And Stories, But Nonetheless The Festival Represents The Same Symbolic Victory Of Light Over Darkness, Knowledge Over Ignorance, And Good Over Evil.


Safety Measures During Diwali In Covid-19 Pandemic:

  • Medical Experts Believe That The Government Has Indeed Taken A Good Decision Asking People To Avoid Using Crackers. Many Still Have Queries On The Precautions That One Needs To Take During Pandemic.
  • Avoid Bursting CrackersThis Diwali, Say No To Firecrackers Or Any Form Of Burning Waste, Especially The Dry Leaves In A Public Garden Or A Bonfire, As Any Form Of Smoke Can Trigger Serious Health Concerns Amid The Covid-19 Pandemic Which Is Still Active. Carbon Particles From Fumes And Chemical Vapours From Firecrackers May Aggravate The Pre-existing Allergic Condition. Vapour Particles Can Stick To Nostrils For A Long Period, Aggravating Allergic Rhinitis And Trigger Asthma And Bronchitis Attack. All These Are Bound To Affect The Lungs, And We Can Certainly Expect A Spike In Covid-19 Cases And An Increase In Mortality During And After Diwali.

Elderly To Stay Indoors

  • Elderly Should Stay Indoors To Avoid Cold Temperatures Outside. People Of All Ages Should Avoid Physical Congregations. Instead, Meet Families And Friends On The Virtual Space.

Don't Use Sanitiser Before Lighting Diya/candles

  • Refrain From Using Hand Sanitisers Which Are Alcohol-based Before Lighting Diyas Or Candles. Sanitisers Are Inflammable And Can Cause Fire Hazards. It Is Recommended By The Experts That You Wash Your Hands With Soap And Water, Before Doing Anything That Involves Fire.

Keep Sanitiser Away From Fire

  • Sanitiser Bottles Are Common In Households, And People Have Started Keeping It Handy During Covid-19 Pandemic. But, Since Maximum Sanitisers Are Alcohol-based, They Can Easily Catch Fire. Therefore, Keep Your Sanitiser Bottles At A Safe Spot.

Keep Water Handy

  • Instead Of Carrying Sanitisers Everywhere, You Can Consider Carrying Water And Paper Soaps. They Are Safer, And You Can Easily Wash Your Hands Anywhere Without The Danger Of Catching Fire.

Maintain Physical Distance

  • Festivity Is All About Togetherness And Strengthening Bonds. But This Festive Season, Try And Adjust To The New Normal And Avoid Meeting People Physically.

Avoid Greeting Others With A Hug:

  • "Namaste" Is The Best Way To Greet People Right Now. It Is Recommended That You Celebrate Diwali This Year By Staying Indoors.

Refrain From Eating Outside

  • While There Is No Evidence That Covid-19 Can Be Transferred Through Cooked Food, It Is Recommended That People Should Avoid Eating Outside During The Festive Season. This Is Not Just Because Of The Risk Of Covid-19, But Because Food From Outside Can Cause Other Stomach Infections, Which Can Affect Your Immunity And Overall Health. Also, Nothing Is Better Than Home-cooked, Traditional Meal On A Festival, Right?

Don't Forget Your Mask

  • It Is Significant To Be Responsible And Take Mandatory Precautions. Covid-19 Has Made The Use Of Mask Necessary. Therefore, Every Time You Step Out, Don't Forget To Cover Your Nose And Mouth.

Have A Vitamin C Rich Diet

  • Vitamin C Helps Boost Immunity. To Keep Your Immunity Up And Tight, Have Foods Rich In Magnesium, Omega Fatty Acids And Vitamin C.


Important Do's And Don'ts During Lighting Of Crackers: 

  • Burst Crackers In An Open Space And Make Sure That There Is No Combustible Or Inflammatory Substance Around.
  • Always Purchase Fireworks From Licensed Sellers.
  • Do Remember To Read The Instructions Printed On The Label Of Cracker, Especially If The Cracker Is New To Use.
  • Store Firework In A Closed Container And Keep Them Away From Any Inflammatory Or Combustible Substances Around.
  • While Burning The Cracker, Maintain Safe Distance.
  • Keep Burn Ointments, Bucketful Of Water And Fire Extinguishers As A First Aid  Handy.
  • In The Case Of Minor Burns, Splash Cold Water On The Affected Area. Cover It With A Moist Sterile Bandage And Immediately Visit The Doctor.
  • While Bursting Crackers, Tie Your Hair Properly, Especially If You Have Long Hair.
  • Keep A Watch On What You Wear. Avoid Wearing Long And Loose Clothes As They Are Likely To Catch Fire. Instead, Wear Fitted Cotton Clothes.
  • Make Sure That Your Child Bursts Crackers Under Your Supervision. Take Special Care Of Kids.
  • If The Noise Of Crackers Is Deafening, Put Cotton Plugs In Your Ears To Avoid Damage.
  • People With Any Kind Of Respiratory Problems Must Stay Indoors.
  • Make Sure To Remove Any Inflammable Object From Your Roof Top.
  • Wear Footwear While Lighting Fireworks.
  • First Aid Kits Should Be Kept Handy.

Don'ts While Lighting Crackers:

  • Don’t Light Crackers In Hand.
  • Don’t Leave The Firecrackers Around Burning Candles And Diyas.
  • Never Burst Crackers Near Electric Poles And Wires.
  • Never Throw Half Burnt Crackers, They May Fall On An Inflammable Object And Ignite Fire.
  • Don’t Wear Silk And Synthetic Fabric Outdoors.
  • Avoid Using Open Fire (Matches Or Lighters) For Bursting Crackers. Instead, Use Sparkler, Long Fire Wood Or Agarbatti To Burst A Cracker.
  • Don’t Ever Try To Burst Crackers Inside Any Vehicle.
  • Avoid Tampering With Crackers If They Take Longer To Burst. Maintain Safe Distance From The Cracker And Pour Water To Diffuse It.


Want To Wish Your Friends,Families,Office Collegue By INJNTU.Here We Provided Injntu wish.By Using You can Wish To Your Friends,Families,Collegues :

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