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Light, colors, food, and fun - Dussehra & Diwali are festivals of emotions. What if you get a chance to showcase your spirit of Diwali and get exciting gifts? So here we go!

We are glad to encourage, promote and unleash the talents of amateur photographers from all levels of society. We respect the skills and creativity of all talented and upcoming amateur photographers. So, we appeal to you to participate in this extravaganza and you also stand a chance to take a few of our generous prizes. Enter any photo or video you have captured with your mobile phone camera by uploading us via this form

On Approval, the photo uploaded by you will be posted on InJNTU's Official Instagram, likes count for all photos and videos in this contest will be hidden and only be made visible after October 24th.

Official Instagram Page: Click Here ( injntu.official )

The contest begins October 04, at 06:00 pm and ends October 24 (on Diwali) at 12:00 afternoon. (Snapshots will be captured)

Winners of the contest will be announced on October 26 2022 at 7 pm.

Winners Will get Boat Wireless Headset Or Noise Watch or Amazon Gift Card worth 2000 Rs.

First Runners will get an Amazon Gift Card worth 500 Rs and Second Runners will get a 200 rs Gift Card.

The photo with the highest likes will be considered as Winner.


  • In case of any malicious activity, Post will be removed without any prior information to the user.
  • InJNTU Reserves the right to remove any post without user concern.
  • If your photo got rejected you will receive an email.