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JNTUH-BLACKBUCKS Telangana Got Tech Talent Hackathon - Traffic Management Theme

TELANGANA GOT TECH TALENT (TGTT) TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT THEME : JNTU, Hyderabad - Blackbucks has launched a hackathon on Traffic Management, seamless transportation models, smart traffic management and road safety. The hackathon calls on the students from the various engineering colleges in the state of Telangana to come up with innovative ideas for the problem statements. There are three rounds in the Hackathon and only a few teams progress to the next stages only to compete against the top 10 teams in the finals which will be held at JNTU, Hyderabad. Each round will test you on how a smart and innovative idea is shaped and brought into implementation. In the end, the finalists will have the ultimate chance to put their innovative brains to the exhibit, vying for handsome prizes and a chance to intern with Blackbucks.

Are you the kind of person who will not rest until a solution is found? Do challenges excite you? Bringing you Hackathons that will tickle the left and right sides of your brain at the same time. An excellent way to stimulate your creative and problem-solving abilities. Give this Hackathon a try if you feel that you can seamlessly translate your concept into an executable solution and contribute to a better society.

Road Safety and Traffic management are one of the major pressing issues for a developing country like India. Everyone in India is affected by traffic directly or indirectly. Even though traffic experts are constantly working to improve the situation, there is always a need for innovation and smart management.

Telangana Tech Talent Hackathon is banking on the smart and trailblazing youth to come up with a solution-based model for any one of the below problem statements:

1. FATAL ROAD ACCIDENTS : India ranked first in road deaths across 199 countries reported in the World Road Statistics, 2018. The teams are requested to develop a smart solution to decrease road accidents and increase road safety measures.

2. ROAD HEALTH : Teams are encouraged to come up with a solution ( with the help of AI technology for example ) which detects and monitors the various issues on roads like ( potholes, skid-prone, dangerous road bends, accident-prone zones etc. ) and immediately notify both the concerned authority and caution the people about the road condition.

3. SMART TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT : Develop a smart solution to manage the traffic seamlessly especially during the peak hours automatically without any manual interference.


  • A team should consist of 2 to a maximum of 5 students. (Team can also include a Traffic management/department expert - optional)
  • Each team should select a team leader and the selected team leader must register his team using the Blackbucks TAP-TAP portal. Team leader is nominated as single point of contact.
  • On successful registration, Blackbucks will send the team leader their team ID which will be handy in the next steps.
  • The teams can be form different colleges and streams but they all have to be affiliated to JNTU, Hyderabad.
  • The teams can start working or brainstorming the problem statements once they get the team id from Blackbucks TAP TAP, if not then reach out to Blackbucks support team.
  • Teams can develop either software/hardware/both models for the problem statements. This must be demonstrated in the JNTU, Hyderabad if the team is selected for the final stage.
  • Teams should name their files using the team ID generated by BB, while they are uploading documents in Round 1 and Round 2 using the Blackbucks TAP -TAP portal.

JNTUH-BLACKBUCKS Telangana Got Tech Talent Hackathon - Traffic Management Theme

Note :

  • Team size : 3-5 members
  • Registration : 23rd November 2022 to 23rd December 2022
  • Contest window : 23rd November 2022 to 15th February 2023
  • Contest Duration : 84 days