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JNTUH M.Tech./M.Pharmacy R19 Regular and Supplementary project work thesis anti-plagiarism checking & Viva Voce schedule - Sept/Oct 2023

JNTUH All the Principals of the colleges offering M.Tech./M.Pharm courses are hereby informed that the project dissertations of students shall be checked for anti-plagiarism by the University. Hence, it is requested to upload soft copies of the project dissertations of students of M.Tech./M.Pharm R19 regulation in pdf formats to the JNTUH portal for Sept/Oct-2023 by using the url: “ ” for anti-plagiarism check.

The thesis will be accepted for submission in plagiarism check, the similarity index should be less than 30%. If the similarity index is more than the required percentage, the student shall be advised to modify accordingly and re-submit the soft copy of the thesis after one month. The maximum number of resubmissions of thesis after plagiarism check is limited to TWO (total three attempts). After three unsuccessful attempts the candidate has to register for the Project work for one more semester.

The detailed schedule from upload of dissertation for plagiarism check to conduct of project viva in the current Academic Year are given as below:

S.No Event Dates


M. Tech/M. Pharm R19 Regulation Regular/Supply starting date for dissertations submission.



For uploading of dissertations without late fee

19-09-2023 to 25-09-2023​


With Rs.500 late fee per student for uploading of dissertations

26-09-2023 to 27-09-2023​


With Rs.1000 late fee per student for uploading of dissertations

28-09-2023 to 30-09-2023​


For uploading of project panels without late fee

05-10-2023 to 10-10-2023​


With Rs.500 late fee per student for uploading of project panels

11-10-2023 to 12-10-2023​


With Rs.1000 late fee per student for uploading of project panels

13-10-2023 to 16-10-2023​


Conducting of viva voce

17-10-2023 to 31-10-2023​

The Principals are advised to make an arrangement for the anti-plagiarism check at their end before submitting the project works to JNTUH portal. This act will result in passing through the anti-plagiarism check at University in the first submission itself. This is for your information and necessary action.

Note : Circular issued by JNTUH on 15-09-2023