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JNTUH Orientation Program for Newly Admitted UG-PG Students 2022

JNTU-Hyderabad ( JNTUH ) It is hereby submitted that all the Principals/Directors of University Colleges/Units, Affiliated / Autonomous Colleges of under JNTUH are here by informed to conduct Orientation Program for newly admitted UG/PG students at their convenience on commencement of classes. During Orientation Program, the Principals / Directors are requested to inform the following to the students / parents about:

1. Academic Regulations (R22) in detail and taking the Undertaking Form from the Students/ Parents stating that they are aware of completely about academic regulations under which they are admitted. This under taking form shall be submitted along with I Year course registration to the JNTUH examination branch.

2. Minor/Honors Programs implementation procedure.

3. MOOC's courses and the limitation of MOOC's courses.

4. Course registration at the beginning of each semester.

5. Attendance Detention System.

6. Credit Detention regulations.

7. Faculty Advisor/Mentor role.

8. Mini Project and Major Project guidelines.

9. Re-registration of internal mid-term examinations for the failed student due to less marks (<35%) in semester mid-term examinations etc. Promotion rules for promotion to next year

10. Guidelines for re-admission from one regulation to readmitted year regulations.

11. Malpractice Rules & Punishment.

11. Malpractice Rules & Punishment.

12. Punishment for Ragging of Peer- Group Students.

13. Harassments of Female/Male Students etc.

All HODs and faculty members are requested to explain clearly about regulations and other terms and conditions/dos & don'ts.


JNTUH Orientation Program for Newly Admitted UG-PG Students 2022 Download Here

Note : Circular issued by JNTUH on 27-10-2022