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JNTU-Hyderabad ( JNTUH ) In the reference (I) cited above, the University decided to give exemption from minimum classwork attendance requirement for allowing students for University end semester examinations and also COVID pattern of the question paper, that is there will be eight questions in the question paper and student shall answer any five questions from them within the duration of 3 hours for all UG & PG courses.

In the current scenario, the normal conditions have been restored and the classwork including all other academic activities are being conducted in off-line mode by following Covid related norms.

In view of the above, University decided for restoration of Pre-COVID norms of minimum classwork attendance requirement to be satisfied for writing end semester examinations and also to follow regular question paper pattern consisting of two pans viz.
i) Part- A is having compulsory questions consisting of ten/five sub-questions.
ii) Part - B consists of five questions each question there will be an "either" "or" choice. which means that there %sill be two questions from each unit and the student should answer either of the two questions, from the academic year 2022-23 onwards.

JNTUH The Restoration of Pre-COVID norms, attendance based detention/ promotion and regular pattern of question paper from the A.Y.2022-23 

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Note : Circular issued by JNTUH on 14-10-2022