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JNTUK 4 - 2 3rd Mid Online Bits April 2016.


Download Online Bits From Below Links :


Civil Engineering

Water Shed Management (R42015)

Finite Element Methods (R42016)


Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Non - Conventional Sources Of Energy (R42025)

Digital Signal Processing (R42026)

F.A.C.T.S : Flexible Alternating Current Transmission Systems (R42027)


Mechanical Engineering

Production Planning & Control (R4203A) (Common To M.E & A.M.E)

Advanced Optimization Techniques (R4203B)


Electronics & Communication Engineering

Analytical Instrumentation (R42048)

Real Time Operating Systems (R42049) (Common To E.C.E, E.I.E & E.C.M)

T.V Engineering (R4204A)

Embedded Systems (P42042)


Computer Science & Engineering


Embedded & Real Time Systems (R42057) (Common To C.S.E & I.T)

Simulation Modeling (R42058) (Common To C.S.E & I.T)

Information Retrieval Systems (R42059)

Artificial Intelligence (R4205A)

Multimedia & Application Development (R4205B) (Common To C.S.E & I.T)


Information Technology


Computer Forensics (R42122)

Machine Learning (R42123)

Multimedia & Application Development (R4205B) (Common To C.S.E & I.T)


Note : For All The Mid Examinations, Online Bits Will Be Updated According To The Day Of Examination Subjects In The App Itself.


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