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JNTUK B.Tech 1-2 Sem (R20) Regular/Supply Question Papers Aug 2022


Applied Chemistry

Applied Physics

Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Com. CSE-CS&T, CSE-CS, CSE-IOT&CS Incl BCT, CSE-CS&BS, CSE-IOT, Cyber Security)

Basic Electrical Engineering

Building Materials and Concrete Technology

Basic Civil and Mechanical Engineering (Only for EEE)

Computer Organization

Data Structures

Data Structures Through C (Only for EEE)

Digital Logic Design

Engineering Chemistry

Engineering Mechanics

Engineering Mechanics (Only for CE)

Engineering Drawing

Engineering Physics

Electrical Circuit Analysis –I (Only for EEE)



Network Analysis

Object Oriented Programming through Java

Problem Solving Using Python

Python Programming

Programming for Problem Solving Using C

Thermodynamics (Only ME)