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JNTUK R20 3-1 Control Systems Material/Notes PDF Download



Mathematical Modeling of Control Systems

Classification of control systems – open loop and closed loop control systems and their differences – Feedback characteristics – transfer function of linear system, differential equations of electrical networkstranslational and rotational mechanical systems – transfer function of Armature voltage controlled DC servo motor – block diagram algebra – signal flow graph – reduction using Mason’s gain formula

Unit-1 pdf material



Time Response Analysis and Controllers

Standard test signals – time response of first and second order systems – time domain specifications – steady state errors and error constants – effects of proportional (P) – proportional integral (PI) – proportional derivative (PD) – proportional integral derivative (PID) systems.

Stability Assessment Techniques

The concept of stability – Routh’s stability criterion – limitations of Routh’s stability, root locus concept – construction of root loci (simple problems) – Effect of addition of Poles and Zeros to the transfer function.

unit -2 pdf material



Frequency Response Analysis

Introduction to frequency domain specifications – Bode diagrams – transfer function from the Bode diagram –Polar plots, Nyquist stability criterion- stability analysis using Bode plots (phase margin and gain margin).

Unit -3 pdf material


Classical Control Design Techniques

Lag, lead, lag-lead compensators – physical realisation – design of compensators using Bode plots.

unit-4 pdf material


State Space Analysis of Linear Time Invariant (LTI) Systems

Concepts of state – state variables and state model – state space representation of transfer function – diagonalization using linear transformation – solving the time invariant state equations – State Transition Matrix and its properties- concepts of controllability and observability.

Unit -5 pdf material