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JNTUK R20 3-1 Finite Element Methods (FEM) Material PDF Download

Students those who are studying JNTUK R20 Mechanical Branch, Can Download Unit wise R20 3-1 Finite Element Methods (FEM) Material/Notes PDFs below.


Finite Element Methods: Introduction to finite element method, stress and equilibrium, strain – displacement relations, stress–strain relations, plane stress and plane strain conditions, variational and weighted residual methods, concept of potential energy, one dimensional problems.

DownLoad unit -1 pdf


Discretization: Bar element formulation, Discretization of domain, element shapes, discretization procedures, assembly of stiffness matrix, band width, node numbering, mesh generation, interpolation functions, local and global coordinates, convergence requirements, treatment of boundary conditions.

Analysis of Trusses: Finite element modeling, coordinates and shape functions, assembly of global stiffness matrix and load vector, finite element equations, treatment of boundary conditions, stress, strain and support reaction calculations

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Analysis of Beams: Element stiffness matrix for Hermite beam element, derivation of load vector for concentrated and UDL, simple problems on beams.

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Finite element modeling: Finite element modeling of two dimensional stress analysis with constant strain triangles and treatment of boundary conditions, formulation of axi-symmetric problems.

Higher order and iso-parametric elements: One dimensional, quadratic and cubic elements in natural coordinates, two dimensional four node iso-parametric elements and numerical integration

DownLoad unit-4 pdf.


Steady state heat transfer analysis: One dimensional analysis of a fin.

Dynamic Analysis: Formulation of finite element model, element consistent and lumped mass matrices, evaluation of eigen values and eigen vectors, free vibration analysis.

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