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Telangana State Covid-19 Cases Daily Bulletin District-wise Check Here
  • Everyday Telangana Government Will Release Covid-19 Daily Bulletin District-wise. Everyone Can View Daily Bulletin Released By Telangana Government Here. Daily Bulletin Will Be Made Available For Viewing By Our Website When Bulletin Released By Telangana Government. 


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Covid-19 Cases in Telangana State District-Wise:


Guidelines For Home Isolation Of Covid-19 Patients(English PDF)

Guidelines For Home Isolation Of Covid-19 Patients(Telugu PDF)

































Covid-19 Cases in Telangana State District-Wise:



Covid-19 Cases in Telangana State District-Wise:



  • Patients With Moderate To Severe Symptoms, With COVID Positive Reports Should Go To Gandhi Hospital Where The Government Has Made Elaborate Arrangements For Treatment And Management. Patients With Symptoms But Not Yet Confirmed And Requiring Covid-19 Testing Should Go To District Hospital, King Koti, Fever Hospital, And Chest Hospital. It Is Informed That The Government Has Made Elaborate Arrangements For Treating Covid-19 Patients. Sufficient Beds Are Available In Government Hospitals. Based On The Clinical Requirements, Beds Will Be Provided And Treatment Will Be Given Free Of Cost In Government Hospitals. Sufficient Quantities Of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) And Medicines Are Available In Hospitals.


  • For Telemedicine, Please Access The Helpline No- 180059912345
  • For Any Grievances Pertaining To Private Hospitals/ Laboratories Kindly Contact On Whats App – 9154170960

The guidelines stated below are to be strictly followed.

  • Vulnerable Age Groups: Children less than 1 0yrs of age and elders above 60yrs of age are to avoid going outdoors. They are to stay indoors. Use of
  • Face Masks: Please do not go out of the house without wearing masks. Face masks are the first line of defense against Covid-19
  • Physical Distancing: Maintaining a distance of more than 6ft between people is essential. The citizens who go out for purchasing groceries and other essentials are to maintain safe physical distance.
  • Workspace: The workspaces are to be provided with handwashing facility and sanitizer. Ensure adequate physical distancing between employees.
  • Travel: The citizens are requested to avoid unnecessary travel. In case it is unavoidable, they shall ensure all safety measures- use face masks, frequent hand wash, use of sanitizer, safe physical distance, etc. Seek
  • Medical care: In case of any Flu/ Influenza-like symptoms such as cough, sore throat, running nose, fever, difficulty in breathing, body pains, and headache, please report to the nearest government health facility and seek the required health services without any delay.
  • Morbidities: People with morbidities like Hypertension, Diabetes, cardiac illness, Chronic kidney disease, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and any other chronic illness are requested to stay indoors and avoid any kind of travel.