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TS Inter Online Admission Application Form 2018

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Government Of Telangana Board of Intermediate Education is Decided to take Online Admission of Inter in Govt Junior Colleges/Govt Occasional Junior Colleges Addition to Normal Admission Procedure for the year 2018-19. For that purpose Commissionerate of Intermediate Education Telangana Released Proceeding No.Rc.No.AcadI-2/1268/2015

Dated:10.05.2018. the Details Are As Follows:

Sub- INTERMEDIATE EDUCATION- Additional facility for Online Enrolment for Admission in to Government Junior College/Government Vocational Junior College for the academic year 2018-19- Certain Instructions – Issued.

Online Enrolment Process

 The District Intermediate Education Officers/Principals of Government Junior Colleges/Government Vocational Junior Colleges in the state are requested to follow the instructions for admission in to Government Junior Colleges/Government Vocational Junior Colleges for the academic year 2018-19. And bring the awareness in the students, in addition to the existing admission procedure. 

1. In addition to the normal existing procedure of the admission in to G.J.Cs/G.V.J.cs, the Student can enrol his name with full details on online in the prescribed format provided in Commissioner of Intermediate Education website, ( the same is enclosed herewith for ready reference ).

2. For enrolling online, the student has to select District in which he desires to take admission.

3. Based on the District / Mandal selected by the student list of Government Junior Colleges/Government Vocational Junior Colleges available in that Districts will be displayed to the student online.

4. Student can enrol Maximum of 3 Colleges in which he desires to take admission.

5. Student has to enter his Mobile Number to complete his enrolment form by entering OTP received to his mobile number.

6. Once registration is completed SMS will be sent to the student with details of the Colleges he opted and Original certificates to be carried to the College within 03 days.

7. In the Principal login the online enrolled students details will be made available.

8. Permission will be given to the Principal to change the Group/Medium/Second Language.

9. Once student is present with Original Certificate along with T.C., the Principal will allot seat to the student in admission module.

All the Principals of G.J.Cs/G.V.J.Cs in the state are instructed to allow the admission for the student enrolment received Online also in addition to the existing process of admissions.


Download Here: Enrolment Proceedings Notification

Check Here: Online Application

Check Here: List of Government Colleges

Click Here: For Official Website


 Stepwise procedure for online enrolment: 

  1. Selects the District and mandal (or) District the students desires to enroll
  2. The list of the Government colleges should appear like this
S.No GJC Name Address Principal Name College Name Principal Number Course
  1. Student selects collages courses from the displayed list and student will be allowed to enrol in maximum 3 colleges only.
  2. Student can enrol by entering the qualifying exam hall tickets like SSC Hall ticket.
  3. One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to the student and Parent Mobile number to confirm registration. The mobile number should not repeat to more than two student registrations.

OTP SMS format: , OTP: < > to confirm registration to admission in to Government Junior college- - Commissioner, IE IMPORTANT: Once registered in a Government Junior College you will not be allowed to take admission in other college.

  1. After OTP is correctly entered in enrolment form the student’s enrolment will be saved.
  2. After enrolment is saved SMS will go to student with details of college for which the students is enrolled, group, medium etc. requesting the student to report to the principal with original certificates with in three days. SMS format:, you are registered (Enrol. No) for, , in , , Please contact the Principal , at college along with original certificates 10th class certificate, Transfer Certificate, Aadhar number, latest passport photo with 3 days for confirming your seat- Commissioner, IE
  3. College login will reflect details of the students enrolments received through online enrolment
  4. Provision will be given to Principals to modify group medium etc of the students enrolled through online after counselling the students if any
  5. Principal will allot the seat once he is examines all original certificates